Controlled Temperature Storage

Bioserv has validated controlled temperature storage areas which include the following:

  • One (1) Controlled Room Temperature Room (15-30˚C)
  • Two (2) Controlled Refrigeration Rooms (2-8˚C)
  • Two (2) Controlled Freezer Rooms (-10 to -25˚C)
  • Four (4) Controlled Cryogenic Freezers (-80˚C)

All of the above are alarmed and monitored twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week to ensure that product is stored and protected per customer’s specifications. Two (2) validated emergency power backup generators are on site to ensure that product is protected per customer’s specifications during emergency situations.

Bioserv accepts the following storage configurations:

  • 1 pallet (64ft3)
  • 1 bay (4 pallets)
  • 1 bin (2ft3)
  • 1 cryogenic bin (1ft3)
  • Custom
SPOTLIGHT: It was a busy year for Bioserv! We manufactured 29 different products that were used for studies in 8 countries around the world.